Rock Lee Visits the Death Star

Sometimes ideas seem great, and you really work to get a shot just so, and then you see it in post and that shot simply looks…off. You needed another angle.

I loved the pose I had set up with Rock Lee, and I worked that camera like Sugar Ray Leonard the way I moved it around to find the perfect angle. After color grading and finishing it off in post, I think I can do better with this shot (this is a concept I’ve done before where Lee visits the Death Star). Maybe I’ll reshoot. I shot this at angle above Lee, which looked great through the viewfinder, but it probably needed to come from below. Additionally, I think at this angle my focus probably should have been Lee’s foot because that’s where the story is.

UPDATE: Later that afternoon I reshot this, finding a decidedly better angle and replacing the stormie with Vader and the shot looked awful. Maybe worse. Maybe a different lens. I hate the idea that I can’t make a shot work, but a fresh set of eyes will help.

Someday? Maybe? We’ll see.

Camera settings and lens: Canon EOS R f/2.8, ISO 100, and 1/13 on a Canon 50mm L series lens.

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