Snikt, Snikt!

Wolverine in an inferno

If Darkseid is my first Mezco ONE:TWELVE Collective figure, Wolverine is my second. I absolutely love this figure so much. To be honest, this is my first Wolverine toy since the 80s Secret Wars figure. Times have changed. This shot was actually worked across three different days, trying out different things to get a picture that worked well. I used paper towels to create the flames and the Magmod magsphere on an off camera flash to give me a baseline on how he was lit if the flames didn’t add enough. The fire added just the perfect amount of lighting and warmth.

Large sticks found in the back yard were added to provide depth, and the flame in front was used to explain why his face was lit up more than would be reasonably expected. I had to actually remove the head from the ball post and use glue dots to position it. I wanted Wolverine looking at the camera, and without the glue dots he’d be staring angrily at the dirt…maybe searching for his cigar or something.

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