Up in Smoke

Lasher emerges from the smoky depths

I can’t say I have much invested emotionally in Lasher. I never once saw him in the comic books even though when the whole Venom/Carnage storyline first kicked off I was as smitten as anyone. I saw his figure in Walmart and decided why not. It looked really cool, and by the 50% markup on Amazon, I suppose he’s not that easy for collectors to get their white glove wearing hands on.

The shot is similar to one I did with a Revoltech Macross figure, but this time I wanted to emphasize the shadows on the figure’s face that was turned toward the camera. There’s a bit of reflection on his eye, which I liked after thinking about it a bit. That bounce from the smoke and the light underneath looked a little more menacing.

The smoke was created using a vape, and the diorama is the Nova Revol Ubuiquitous set.

Canon 6D Mark II + Canon 70-200mm at 140mm and f/4.0, ISO 320, and 1/100.

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