So I had an entirely different idea when planning out the latest in the #snakeeyessaturday themed session on Instagram, but when I worked SE into this pose (a pose I end up with from time to time admittedly) I abandoned all reason and focused on the silent one instead. I think it turned out okay.

My goal during this session was more on that bit of flare on the right, covering SE’s left hand. I ended up creating that by stacking effects in front of the camera. I used a plastic truss to create a circular lens flare, and then I used a utility knife to create the slash. All in all I was attempting to create the illusion of a snake’s eye. I thought it turned out pretty well, though it needs more work.

The shame of all of this is that this incredible werewolf by CreatuReplica gets lost as a background object once again. I’ll focus on him one day. I promise. He’s so nice and detailed, but every time I use him my focus is on another figure.

Camera and lens settings: Canon EOS R f/2.8, ISO 100, 1/10 second on a Canon 100mm IS lens

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