When word got out that Hasbro was going to release the G.I. Joe line in 1:12 I grew as giddy as an 8-year old opening up the Water Moccasin box way back in ’84 (still an all time favorite vehicle and figure with Copperhead). When Hasbro started the line with a limited, deluxe edition Snake Eyes, I was not only all in, but I nearly skipped around the rest of the day because it would soon be on its way.

On Instagram, I’ve taken to doing what I’ve affectionately called #snakeeyessaturday. It’s not the cleverest of tags, but it does so get the job done. Taken with #forgottenfiguresunday where I included retro style figures or toys from yesteryear the weekends have become incredible more fun in terms of post plannings.

Above are some of the shots I’ve taken with Snake Eyes over the past couple of months. They are largely in sequential order except the final, landscape-orientated image was my third shot rather than the last. This gallery should only grow as the weeks pass as well since Hasbro is releasing more figures in the line, including an all-black version of Snake Eyes that gets closer to the original design.


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