All figures show here are Bandai SH Figuarts. There is the End Game Thor, Far From Home Spider-Man, Infinity War Thanos, and the End Game Iron Man Mark 85.

When thinking of scenes like these I typically find one figure that becomes my focal point, and all other figures are used to either enhance that original figure or acted upon by that figure. Here, I started with Iron Man’s pose (a pose similar to the Hulk pose in the Naruto v Hulk image) and then imagined a scenario where that would work against Thanos. I actually tested out a couple of figures to use in Spider-Man’s place. At first, I thought the Mark III figure would work, but after a few attempts at a dynamic pose I grabbed Spidey and never looked back.

I just picked up the Thor figure about a week ago, and I was eager to put him in a shot. All in all, after some color grading and cloning out all of the wires used to support the figures, I was pleased with the end result. One issue I had, though, was the shot was much too pretty and clean, so I added a bit of grain to rough it up.

Camera settings and lens: Canon EOS R f/2.8, ISO 100, and 1/10s with a Canon 50mm L series lens.

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